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Many banks and non-bank financial institutions are seeking to enter the fast-growing and lucrative area
of global money transfer, and are employing a variety
of go-to-market strategies to get them there. Many of these strategies are flawed, however, as they do not recognize the realities of the marketplace that exist
and neglect to consider the consumer dynamics
involved in the business. This is an area where
The Rye Group, LLC excels.

The Rye Group LLC combines deep expertise in Global Money Transfer, Electronic Payments, Prepaid, Online Payments (card-not-present) and financial services Innovation and Marketing—where we utilize innovative approaches to identify breakthrough new products and services. We offer a suite of consulting advisory and marketing services including:

  • Strategy Development
  • Assessment of go-to-market Strategies
  • Building High Performance Marketing and
    Sales Teams
  • In Country Business Development Experts
  • Quick Business Assessments, giving our perspective on your business
  • Marketing Promotions to drive new business
  • Customer and Market Research
  • Competitive Assessments
  • Partnership Strategy & Management
  • New Product Development and Innovation thru guided brainstorming and ideation sessions
  • Due diligence assistance
  • Interim Management Services


Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Planning and Audit
Many smaller companies do not have disaster recovery or business continuity plans usually due to the expense involved in providing robust plans.  However, every company should have some basic plans in place to protect data and ensure employees know what to do in case of an emergency.  These can be done at relatively low cost and ensures management understands risks and recovery timeframes for the plans.

Temporary CTO
Turnover in IT shops and replacing the CTO can be a process taking many months.  Bringing in a temporary CTO, especially in companies with little management depth, can provide stability to the organization in the short term and keep current projects on track while the search for a permanent CTO is underway.

IT Due Diligence
Companies purchasing or merging with other companies need to do due diligence on the acquired company to fully understand the scope of any integrations that they expect.  Some of the items we review include:

  1. System processes and procedures
  2. Hardware and software compatibility
  3. Staff competency
  4. Contracts review
  5. Disaster recovery plans
  6. Security

Process and Procedures Review
We conduct Reviews to determine if processes exist for: controlling source code, moving code to production, testing, access to production systems, security procedures, and to determine if proper procedures are followed.

Agile Development Implementation
We assist organizations that want to implement an agile development methodology using Scrum.  We recommend training, mentor scrum master, and work with product teams to define stories.

System Architecture Review
We review current applications to identify opportunities to improve the reliability and maintainability of applications, review database design focusing on use of keys, indexes, and stored procedures.

Software Design and Project Management
Similar to the architecture review, we work with developers as they work through the process designing new systems.  The goal is to develop systems that are easy to maintain, have a flexible design so they can easily accommodate changes, and have well designed databases that can provide quick responses to application requests.